You and/or your group can easily set up a fundraising mission to help raise money for charity or your own cause such as a sports team, youth group, church group, club or whatever it is you’re a fundraising for.


  • Easy to set up and administer. Anyone can set up a fundraising mission.
  • Instantly collect sponsorships for progressing your mission from your network or anyone who wants to support you/your group or the charity that you are raising funds for.
  • Offer rewards to your sponsors (optional). Things like t-shirts, or signed memorabilia, public recognition e.g. a sports team might put the sponsors name on their playing tops as a reward for a certain level of sponsorship.
  • Fun and healthy. Get fit and raise funds at the same time.
  • Very shareable! Your mission is easily shared through social media and people can always see your progress.

Who's it for

Individuals - Set up an exercise mission and fundraise for your own cause or your favorite charity.

Groups/Teams - Set up a group mission and create a fun and competitive race to reach the mission goal and your fundraising goal.

Businesses - Get your people motivated to exercise by encouraging your staff to join your businesses group mission. Dedicate your mission to a charity or community cause. Visit our Corporate Wellness page here

Gyms/Health clubs - Set up a group mission and get your members to join it. Drive membership retention and expose your brand virally through members social networks. Dedicate your group mission to a charity or cause.

Charities/Organizations - Lots of options here! Encourage your supporters to set up their own missions and select your cause as the beneficiary of sponsorships that they raise. Or you could set up your own group mission and encourage your supporters to join it.


It's quick and easy. You'll be underway in no time!

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Choose either a pre-loaded charity or your own cause.

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Spread the word and encourage others to sponsor you.

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Setting up a mission is so easy.

Just hit the START YOUR MISSION button and then plot your mission path on the map.

Your mission can be anything you want. Walk to a famous landmark, swim across some big stretch of water, cycle across the nation. Whatever tickles your fancy!

Once your mission is set up, you and/or your team complete your usual exercise sessions such as walking your usual walking track or swimming in the pool, or whatever it happens to be. Each distance you complete goes towards reaching your mission goal.

For example, lets say that you set up a mission to swim the English channel between England and France. You go to the pool and swim your usual 1 mile, 3 times per week. So after each swim you would enter 1 mile into your mission page - either on the website or we have a nifty phone app available.

On your mission page, you'll see yourself advancing along your mission path and getting closer and closer to reaching the end.

When you create your mission, you can decide whether or not you want to use your mission as a fundraiser for either one of our pre approved charities/causes or for your own cause such as your sports team, school group, church group, non profit etc.

For solo missions, fundraising is optional.

For groups missions fundraising is required or you can just pay a small fee and elect not to fundraise.

More information about fundraising with your mission can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page

Now that you're set up with a fundraising mission you need to spread the word and encourage people to visit your mission page and sponsor you.

You can do this by sharing your page on Facebook and Twitter, by email, in newsletters, on websites etc.

When people visit your page they can easily make a sponsorship.

If you are fundraising for your own cause, the money people sponsor goes directly into your PayPal account.

If you are fundraising for one of our pre approved charities/causes the money goes directly to the charities account.

* My Virtual Mission receives a small admin fee on sponsorship amounts. Read more on FAQ page.


Fundraising with My Virtual Mission is a great way to either raise the funds you need for your cause or to help out your favorite charity. Here are some features that we know you’ll love!

  • Set up a group mission or a solo mission.
  • Group missions can be either "Each to complete" or "All for one". More info on our FAQ page.
  • Fundraise for your own cause, such as a sports team, church group etc or fundraise for your favorite charity.
  • Get paid instantly - All sponsorship payments that you mission receives go straight into your PayPal account instantly.
  • Easy to set up. Nothing technical, nothing difficult. Get started in less than 10 minutes.
  • Offer your sponsors Rewards to boost your results (optional).
  • Fully secure. All payments are handled by PayPal (own cause) or First Giving (US Charities).
  • Choose your own currency to be paid in. USD, CAD, NZD, AUD, EUR, or GBP.
  • Your mission can receive sponsorships from anyone in the world. (Some exclusions may apply for security purposes).


Fundraising with My Virtual Mission is ultra cost effective. We offer some of the lowest fees in the crowdfunding industry in order to let you retain the lions share of the profit. Below is a full breakdown on how our fee structure works.

The fees are automatically deducted on every sponsorship that is made through your mission page.

Missions fundraising for their own cause

5.5% + PayPal Fees

PayPal fees vary between about 1.5% - 3.5% depending on a number of factors. More information on PayPal fees can be found here.

After the above fees have been deducted, the remainder of funds are instantly sent to the PayPal account associated with the mission.

Secure Payments by PayPal

Missions fundraising for a US pre-approved charity/cause

5.5% + 4.25% First Giving transaction fee

We have partnered with First Giving to handle payment processing on behalf of all US registered 501c3 organizations.


We keep safety and security as a top priority by using trusted, offsite, payment processors.

  • For missions that are fundraising for their own cause, all transactions are handled by PayPal offsite. PayPal is one of the worlds most trusted and preferred online payment processors.
  • The money you raise goes directly into your PayPal account. Our fees are deducted at the moment the transaction is made.
  • We have partnered with First Giving to process payments for all US 501c3 registered organizations.
  • My Virtual Mission hold no money on your or any other parties behalf. Everything occurs instantly.
Secure Payments by PayPal


Partnering with My Virtual Mission lets your supporters help you raise funds by allowing them to start or join a mission and direct the sponsorships that they raise to your cause.

US 501c3 charities

We already have you covered!

  • We have partnered with First Giving to process payments for all US 501c3 registered organizations.
  • My Virtual Mission hold no money on your or any other parties behalf. Everything is processed and disbursed through First Giving.
  • Direct your supporters to My Virtual Mission and they can quickly and easily set your organization up as the recipient of the sponsorships they raise during their mission.
  • You can also set up your own group mission and invite your network to join.

Other charities and organizations - US and Global

It's easy to get set up as a My Virtual Mission charity/organization partner.

  • All you need is a verified premier or business PayPal account, an image or video, and some basic info on your cause.
  • You can also set up your own group mission and invite your network to join.
  • Fill out the form below and we’ll set you up so others can choose your organization to fundraise for.

Partner Request Form